The Angelus Press Limited is a prestigious business operating in Belize for over 128 years, serving the people of this beautiful country with quality printing, office furniture, and school and office supplies. The Angelus Press Ltd was founded by the Catholic Diocese in 1885 in order to publish their newsletter. It was located on North Front Street in Belize City, next to the Holy Redeemer Cathedral. In 1903, Mr James Douglas Burn, an employee of the then Catholic Press, bought the printing equipment from the Diocese and continued to operate at the same church building and expanded the business to include text books, slates and pencils.

In 1915, Mr Burn moved the business to #10 Queen Street, where our main operation presently stands. He then further expanded The Angelus Press Ltd to include office supplies and stationeries. In 1923, the building was replaced as is still part of the current building. In 1930, Mr James Burn passed the business over to his son Andrew who later expanded and added the business machines product line and repairs service. During the mid 1970’s, Andrew then turned the operation over to his daughter and son-in-law Laura and James Currie. In 1987, they added computer sales and support. We are proud to say that The Angelus Press Ltd was the first to offer computers in Belize, thus leading the way into new and innovative technology.

In 1988, an expansion was completed bringing the building to its current size where a copy center was added to our line of service and the Printing Department moved to the upper floor of the new concrete expansion where it is currently located. Our printing department has moved from a two color to a four color press thus expanding our capabilities to continue to be the market leader in offering quality printing. By the expansion of our printing department, we were able to add additional printing service by venturing into book publishing where Angelus Press worked with writers in producing books printed in Belize. These books were known as The Belize Chronicle Series and some of them we still have in stock such as Assad Shoman’s 13 Chapters of Belize, Back Talking Belize, Evan Hyde’s X-Communication, Nigel Bolland’s Struggles for freedom, just to name a few.

In 1989, The Angelus Press Ltd saw the need to have its goods and services more accessible for the Belizean public and opened a branch in our capital city of Belmopan, which provided greater accessibility for our customers in the west and southern regions of the country. In 1990, Angelus Press changed from a company to a company limited status. A complementary branch was later opened in San Ignacio Town which remained open until 2011, when all operations were consolidated at our Belmopan location. In 1997, The Angelus Press Ltd was purchased from Laura and James Currie by the owner of Santiago Castillo Ltd, Mrs Addy Castillo and became part of the Santiago Castillo group of companies. The board of directors continued investing in the Angelus Press Ltd by opening branches in Orange Walk Town, San Cas Plaza in Belize City, and the Business and Furniture division at its Majestic building on Queen St in Belize City.

Today in 2013, The Angelus Press Ltd is still the #1 provider in quality printing, office equipment and stationery supplies in Belize. We are the leader and will continue to do so. We are proud to say that The Angelus Press Ltd represents a host of well known and prestigious suppliers which allow us to offer quality products at reasonable and affordable prices. Some key suppliers and brands are Canon, Hon, Riso, Brother, Helix, Samsonite, Pelikan, Mead, Jansport, Pilot, Steadtler, Elof Hanson, and John Dickinson, just to name a few.

The Angelus Press Ltd has and continues to contribute to the development of Belize by employing today over 100 Belizeans who contribute to us creating a well established company providing a reliable avenue for private and public companies, schools and the wider Belizean public to satisfy their respective needs. We have been successful for over 128 years and will continue to humbly serve our customers in the highest regard.

Courtesy: Mrs. Georgia Ramsey